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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Charles H George Memorial - November 11, 2017

We laughed, we cried, we told stories, we ate and drank.  Dad always said to throw him a party when he passed away.  We like to think he would have enjoyed the shindig we threw form him at the Museum of Flight on Saturday night. 

At 4pm, one of the docents, Dave Cable took folks on a tour of the personal courage wing ending at the A-4 (which was the plane Dad flew in the Navy).  At the A-4 we stopped for family photos.

Then after a bit of scrambling for setup, at 6pm we held the event itself.  We were grateful for all those who showed up.  People had flown from all over the county to be there.  In all nearly 80 people.  After some drinks and appetizers, we gathered everyone round to see the video we made about Dad's life.  A little more than the typical pictures set to music, we tried to tell the story of Dad's life.  For anyone wanting a copy of the video to download or if the YouTube doesn't work, click here.

After the video there was more story telling, a big ham dinner, and a whiskey toast (Dad's drink).