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Day 14 – Home again, home again, giggedy gig.

For breakfast we had puff pastry stuffed with hard boiled eggs and feta cheese (about all that was left in the fridge at this point).  But it was fabulous.  We decided to call it sprained ankle.

Melissa spent the morning trying to get Dave an appointment with an orthopedic specialist who wasn’t o…

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Day 13 – Medic!


We decided on the last day we wanted to cruise about.  So we started out in the morning for SuciaIsland.  Sucia is not technically part of the San Juan Islands.  Geologically it is part of the Bellingham area.  There are amazing sand stone formations there.  Along the way we heard a …

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Day 12 – It’s a wild life out here


We spent the day today at JonesIsland.  We only saw one deer, and the ranger told us we shouldn’t feed it. L  But we spent the day relaxing and watching the wild life.  There was a baby seal that floated into the harbor without his head.  Looks like a killer whale ate half of him. …

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Day 11 – Captain there be whales here!


We went out and around San JuanIsland today to watch for whales.  Ravital was convinced we wouldn’t see them because they had taken 2 professional whale watch tours and never seen them.  I told them not to fear because we had Captain Dave at the helm.  Sure enough, about half way around we r…

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Day 10 – All day at the spa


Today we traveled back to Bedwell harbor where the Poet’s Cove resort and spa are located.  We all had spa appointments.  Ravital had a facial.  Ori had a massage.  Ori and Melissa had pedicures.  For Dave’s birthday, Ori and Ravital bought Dave a romantic massage for both of us.  Afterwards th…

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Day 9 – Lookout for those sly seals


We traveled today to Montague harbor.  On our way there we saw an outcropping of rocks that had tons of seals.  So we made Dave stop and hang out while the rest of us took the dingy to check it out.  There were tons of seals including Mom’s with baby seals that were especially cute.…

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Day 8 – Friends join us



 We left PenderHarbor this morning and crossed the channel again.  Even though there was a small craft advisory in effect it was smooth going.  Seas not over 1 ft.

We got to French Creek harbor where Ori and Ravital were meeting us.  We had planned to meet in Nanaimo, but there was s…

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Day 7 – Are you sure we can’t rescue you?


We got up this morning at 5:30am to make it out of Malibu Rapids at slack tide.  Melissa fretted a little bit about going through the rapids again.  But when we got there the sea was like glass.  Went right through.  On our way back to PenderHarbor we heard a distress call on channel 16.  G…

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Day 6 – Peace at last


Nothing happened today.  Nada.  Zilch.  It was wonderful.  We stayed at PrincessLouiseInlet all day.  Dave pittered in the skiff and Melissa read a book.  It got up to 90 degrees.  Too hot even to sit outside.  We had hamburgers for dinner – Dave’s favorite.

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Day 5 – The holy grail


This morning I got up, and ouch, ouch, ouch.  It hurts to walk on the outer toe of my left foot.  Oh my.  Look at it – broken for sure.  All black and blue.  Thank goodness I don’t really need that toe or I’d be in trouble.

Dave was up at the crack of dawn.  We were due to make…

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Day 4 – What time is it anyway? Or ouch my toe hurts.


I awoke with a start this morning.  We were due to get up at 6am to cross the Straight of Georgia.  I rolled over and looked at my watch.  It said noon.  Eeek!  Dave starts laughing.  Its not noon!  It’s 6am.  You reading that thing upside down?!  Nope – turns out my watch died.  I took th…

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Day 3 – Gale force winds? You’re kidding, right?


We got underway early around 9am headed for Nanaimo.  Beautiful trip up here.  Saw lots of seals.  Took only one short nap today and otherwise am starting to feel like my old self again.  Crossing North Umberland Channel on the way into Nanaimo we found ourselves in tricky weather.  I say tr…

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Day 2 – Zzzzzzzzz


Dave got up at 6am because the wind picked up and we were at anchor.  Apparently his hearing is geared for a couple of ripples on the side of the boat when at anchor and he is up top to make sure we don’t break loose.  He had to wait some time before Melissa came round. J

After sleeping…

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Day 1 – An auspicious start


Dave took Curt to the airport for an 8am flight to Huntsville AL space camp.  I was supposed to go too – but seeing as how I was dead tired Dave decided I should sleep in so he swung back by the house to get me.  Zzzzzz.  I have been working a ridiculous number of hours so I am starting th…

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