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Blog posts : "2006 Australia"

You can't fool Mother Nature

Before we left the island, we decided we would walk all the way around it once. When we got to the pier, a batch of baby turtles had hatched. Baby turtles are supposed to hatch at night. That way they can head for the lightest place on the horizon, which is always over the water. If they hatch in th…

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There be giant manta rays here!

We did two dives today. The morning dive was as good as it gets. Not only did we see fish, sharks, and turtles again, we also saw a giant manta ray. Best guess is that it was about 12 ft x 12 ft. We were in its shadow - only about 20 ft away. Incredible! Melissa dreamt about seeing the manta ray for…

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Because Dave and Melissa haven't been diving in the past 12 months, the resort requires we take a dive refresher course in the pool first thing in the morning. Good thing because that let Melissa get comfortable again with all the equipment.

Dave went on the morning dive and Melissa hung out on the…

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Tropical Paradise

We got up early and boarded the plane for Gladstone. The plane was late and we were worried about missing the boat to the island. But we needn't have worried. The boat waits for all the morning planes since the only place the boat goes is to Heron Island.

The island was fabulous. Only 40 acres in s…

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Giant octopus treatment

We awoke early and went for eggs benedict again down on Queen Street. Then Dave took a cab to work from there. Melissa meanwhile went and picked up her custom made earrings from the jeweler, spent the gift certificate the store gave her a few days ago when she bought the store out, and then went and…

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They have funny animals down here

Tom Little picked Melissa up at 9:30am at the hotel. Headed to the Koala Bear preserve. Melissa got to cuddle a koala bear and feed the kangaroos. She also got boxed by one kangaroo who had too much pestering by the toddlers who came in before us.

Tom's Stories
While visiting with Tom, he had a numb…

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Bugs for dinner?!

Awoke early and hungry. Very unusual. Obviously not really on this time zone yet. Dave went off to a 5:45am meeting with the US office. Melissa worked for a couple of hours then went for another breakfast of eggs benedict.

Melissa then went shopping. First stop the jewelry store to buy that necklac…

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A day at the spa

Arrived at the hotel about 8am local time. Dave showered and went off to work. Melissa cracked open the phone book and started calling day spas to see about getting a massage. She had a great breakfast of eggs benedict and then went to have her nails done, a pedicure, a massage, salt scrub, and a fa…

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We're off!

Left home at 1:15pm PST. Flew first to Los Angles and had a nice dinner at LAX. Had a bottle of wine hoping it would make us sleep on the plan to Brisbane. We boarded at 11pm. Zonked out immediately and slept for 8 to 10 hours. Dave is right - going to Brisbane isn't bad. It just seems like a really…

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