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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Blog posts : "2006 La Paz"

Hang On!

Good thing Dave picked a harbor that protected us from the Coromuel last night. It blew and blew. But the waves weren't too bad. So Melissa with her ear plugs slept all night. But poor Dave barely slept listening to the wind howling through the shrouds. He said that when he did sleep, he dreamt of t…

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Holly leaping batfish Robin!

Woke up to calm seas. Decided to hang out where we were till the wind started to blow. When it kicked up, we went to the bay we were in the first night. There was a trail up to a well and a cave. The hike was pretty strenuous over huge boulders and all we had were sandals. But we made it.

When we g…

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Sea lions are noisy

Awoke at 5am to 2 to 3 ft swells rocking the boat. This is NOT like being rocked to sleep in a baby bassinet. More like being rolled down a rocky slope in a sleeping bag. After ½ hour of this we realized it wasn't a big boat wake going by and it was not going to stop. We gave up and got up. We had l…

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Anyone need salt?

Slept like babies for 11 hours last night. Ahhhh. Went to see the salt flats after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, onion and mushrooms. Looks like the salt flats are formed when sea water fills pits from underneath and then is evaporated by the sun. The salt is amazingly pure.

Then we walked …

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What a view!

A much better night's sleep last night. We headed off early to another port with an amazing beach. We hiked up 200 ft hill. The view from the top was incredible. The top was a bit scary because it was a cliff on both sides of the trail. Melissa decided not to follow Dave too closely. If she tripped …

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Up a creek without a paddle

After a horrific night, Dave decides first thing in the morning to move to the next bay over. He says it should be more sheltered. Ha. The wind blew all day, says Melissa. Ah, but the boat didn't rock says Dave. Why is that? Because the distance between the shore and the boat determines the height o…

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What's a coromuel?

Bob took us on a tour all around the town on our way to the store. Places we never would have gone on our own for fear of being mugged. But all Bob's "friends" lived in the "suburbs". We discovered that "Alto" does not mean stop but really means slow down slightly. And at a 4 way alto, it isn't at a…

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Travelin' travelin' travelin

We left home at 4:45am PST and arrived here in La Paz at 6:30pm MST. 12 hours. 2 planes a taxi and a bus. We sat on the tarmac at Los Cabos airport for an hour waiting for a gate to open up. The bus was FREEZING cold. Dave was comfy, but Melissa about froze to death.

Dave got great aerial photos of…

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