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Blog posts : "2007 La Paz"

Day 7 - To the Beach


The wind came up as usual just before midnight but only blew 10-15 knots. Dave actually slept through the entire night despite the narrow anchorage. Hmmm, something is wrong with saying actually slept through the night on a vacation. Oh, well. Good practice for the real thing.

We ate our la…

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Day 6 - Heading back


We left Evaristo around 8:00 because we had a long haul ahead. It became clear that we could not visit Tecolote and still be able to anchor before dark so we headed for Partido Cove. The wind was calm and water was smooth with a gentle 2-foot swell coming in from the south. It was a welcomed…

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Day 5 - Lay day


Evaristo probably has the best protection from these conspiring air molecules anywhere between here and La Paz so we decide to stay another day. We start the day off with eggs with cheese, mushrooms and onions, bacon and fresh salsa.

After relaxing on deck for a bit, we decide to w…

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Day 4 - Back to the Mainland


Heading back to the mainland, Dave figured he should find some protection from the southeast AND west winds. The little cove called Evaristo is a couple hour sail to the west and has protection all around for everything but east. We arrive and it is a bit unsettled with whitecaps pouring in b…

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Day 3 - Out to the Ideal Anchorage


On the first day, Colin described a really cool anchorage that should have excellent protection from the Southeast winds. The bonus is that there is a mangrove and lagoon to be explored by dinghy. OK – Dave having enough of fretting about rocking and rolling all night was looking forward to so…

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Day 2 - Out to the Islands


Smokey and Gypsy Rose Lee decided to join us on our sail.  They showed up bright and early and came aboard for the trip.

It was blowing pretty hard directly on the stern as we prepared to depart. Winds and currents can run strong in La Paz with 3-knot currents not unusal. Dave gav…

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Day 1 - Traveling



Off we go. Alaska has re-opened their LA-La Paz route greatly improving the trip down. Instead of flying into Cabo and dealing with a taxi and a two-hour bus trip we flew directly to La Paz from LA. The layover at LA was a couple hours but that allowed Dave to buy a pair of sunglasses. I…

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