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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Day 3 - Long but quiet day

We got up early and were underway before 9am.  This will probably prove to be our longest day underway.  We had to get to Dodds Narrows in time to go through before 6pm.  We were shooting for 5pm to give us a 1 hour buffer.  Underway we had a brunch of yogurt, homemade nut cinnamon nut granola and fresh strawberries and blue berries.  The trip was relatively uneventful.  We got to Dodds Narrows about 1 hour early because we had a strong wind at our backs.  We sailed much of the day.  We got to Nanaimo, cleared customs, and then moved to the slip we had reserved for the night.  Getting off the customs dock was tricky because we had to turn the 46' boat around in about a 50' space.  So it was tight and we were fending ourselves off other boats.  Once we got settled we headed out to do a bit more grocery shopping.  We found that the liquor store was closed, so we would have to come back in the morning before departing on the big trip across the Straights of Georgia the next day.

For dinner we had hamburgers.  They were possibly the best burgers any of us had ever eaten.  The mean was amazing - just like the steaks from that same Anacortes butcher.

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