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Day 14 - Can’t go to Greece without seeing some ruins

From there you will be able to see a slide show and download full resolution pictures from this blog.

Today we wrapped up the boat, filling it with gas, cleaning up, and packing.  After that we went and saw the town of KOS.  The most amazing ruins are in the main town of KOS.  There are several ac…

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Day 13 - Invading Turkish waters!

Today was a beautiful sailing day.  By far the best sailing the whole trip.  We sailed around to the north side of KOS to the main marina where we were to leave the boat.  Along the way we dropped anchor for an hour to visit some volcanic hot springs.  The water coming out of the springs was boili…

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Day 12 - Who knew the SeaHawks were popular in Greece?

The next day the weather was supposed to be better.  So we headed for KOS.  The seas were calmer and the winds were back down to a reasonable level.  We sailed into a small port called Kardamena on the south side of the island.  We docked the boat right in the middle of town.  We walked around loo…

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Day 11 - Remind me again why this is fun?

We started out of Santorini at 8am planning a 6 hour trek to an island called Astipalaia.  We had anticipated a long day of sailing in 25 kt winds.  Alas the weather gods were not cooperating.  After pounding away in 5 foot seas and 20 knot winds for 5 hours, we were no where near the destination …

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Day 10 – I pronounce you still married


We slept in and then in the afternoon Marla and Melissa went for massages at the Euros beach bar we found last night.  We paid for 50 minutes each and got 1.5 hour.  The masseuse was a gal from the UK on vacation, but in Santorini because she wanted to move there and set up a palates center.  …

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Day 9 - Now we know what a good view looks like

Today we sailed around from the little bay we anchored in to the marina just down the way.  A big storm is expected tomorrow so we wanted to get into the marina early before they fill up.  It's likely to be a wild night and we didn't want to spend it on anchor.  The wind is already blowing 20 kts.…

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Day 8 – Who knew ham came in a tube?

Today we sailed to Santorini.  A beautiful island.  The pumice dome in the center is quite a sight to see.  Sailing into the bowl of the volcano and seeing all the villages around the edge was no doubt the most breathtaking thing we have seen the whole trip.

Along the way, Melissa decided to coo…

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Day 7 - Man overboard!

Melissa slept through the day again today.  Dave headed the boat to Ios.  There was zero wind.  Nada.  We motored the whole way.  It was excruciatingly hot without a breeze.  So part way there, Dave stopped the boat and Dave, Dad, and Marla all jumped off and went for a swim in the middle of the o…

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Day 6 - Does the bus really fit through there?

When we wake up, Melissa is sick as a dog.  Another sinus infection.  Sigh.  So she sleeps half the day.  When she wakes up we all take a bus ride into town.  The scenery along the way is beautiful.  The bus driver has nerves of steel.  The roads are so narrow that if you were to hang your arm out…

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Day 5 – Saturday Night Fever

Dave wakes at 7:30am to bright sunshine.  His crew on the other hand is not so bright and shiny.  They are sound asleep.  Puzzled as to why Dave has not started the engines, Melissa arises at 8am to see what the hold up is.  Dave explains he doesn't want to wake everyone.  So Melissa bangs on Dad …

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Day 4 – The Muddy Mississippi

Shortly after midnight the rain started.  Rain is something of an understatement.  We begin to wonder if some guy named Noah is building an Arc somewhere.  Then the lightning and thunder starts.  By 10am it had rained 6 inches.  Several leaky overhead hatches were discovered.  Including the one ov…

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Day 3 – On Our Way!

Dave wakes at 8am and is ready to roll.  Everyone else is sound asleep.  Dave finally starts the engines at 9am and we are off.  Sailing out of Athens the view was spectacular.  Along the way we ran into a pod of dolphins who were amusing themselves playing in the bow wake of the boat.  For once w…

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Day 2 – Last Mango in Athens

We awake too early (in Melissa's opinion).  Good news is that Dave is feeling MUCH better than the day before.  We take it easy and visit the Acropolis and have lunch with Dad and Marla who have been in Athens for three days.  One day too long according to them.  We had frequently been told one to…

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Day 1 - Are we well enough to go?

We are due to depart Thursday from Vancouver BC for the flight to Greece.  (Originally having planned to be at Whistler prior to the trip to Greece - we booked the flight from Vancouver -alas circumstances had changed and the Whistler part of the trip was canceled.  However, determined not to give…

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