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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Eeek! Scorpion!

We found out that on Dec 30 after we were due to depart there was to be a bartender contest.  Edison our bartender was defending the title. In an attempt to help him out we insisted on trying all the drinks he was planning to make for the contest. They all passed inspection.  There was a Star Martini with Grapefruit juice and a SSI hurricane that would be sure to induce a coma.  Yum.  Later that night, while packing our bags, Melissa screeched.  (For those not familiar with the sound, it was that ear splitting, glass shattering sound that you wondered about two days before the new year.)  She found a scorpion in our room while we were packing.  Dave was torn between defending his turf and being a hero in Melissa's eyes and getting a photo.  A massive kerfuffle ensued.  Dave told Melissa "not to take her eyes off it" while he adjusted the camera.  Meanwhile the scorpion was scurrying around the room like he owned the place.  Melissa could get him to freeze by whacking a tennis shoe on the ground in front of his face.  At which point he would curl his tail in classic scorpion fashion and act tough.  This despite his 3 inch frame.  Eventually Dave was satisfied with his photo and allowed Melissa to "release him" out the door of the room.  Wow.  They can move really fast when they want to!

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