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Blog posts : "2012 San Fran"

Amabile is home

We departed Bodega Bay around 0600. The tide was minus one foot so we drove through the dredged bay in a ditch (in the fog, of course). Once out of the bay we found a 5 foot swell and decided to tack west for an hour to avoid the rolling swell until we could turn south and pass Point Reyes with the …

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Head back to the boat

The plan is to meet up for lunch and one more private winery tour. After that, Christina will take Melissa, Mike and Dave back to the boat for the final leg on Thursday. Weather is still looking good with 5 foot seas and 15 knot winds forecasted in the Point Reyes area only getting lighter as we app…

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Dave and Melissa worked their way up through Napa and then over to Dry Creek (their favorite). We had a special treat at Dry Creek with a 1981 Zin. Never knew that a Zin would hold up that long. We ate lunch at the Dry Creek General Store again. Dinner was by the pool at the resort. The entre was a …

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Napa here we come

Mike dropped Gerry off to fly home at around 5:00 AM. Dave went along and picked up a rental car. Both Dave and Mike went back to bed. This has to be by far the earliest of awakenings for Dave and Melissa on a vacation, ever. We had a nice brunch at the marina and then Melissa and Dave left for a co…

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Bay area by car

The weather report still calls for similar conditions for the next few days. We pack up and button up the boat. Christina came and picked us up. We had a nice lunch in Bodega Bay and then headed down to their place to do laundry and have a real shower. Don't get it wrong, Amabile has a great shower …

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Bodega Bay

Mike came back down to the boat around 6:30 and we got underway. Skies are clear. No fog for a change. The bar flashing lights were on but it was an easy (but pounding) crossing. No white water. The weather forecast is marginal today with the winds picking up and getting worse all week. We might get…

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Heading back inland for Fort Bragg

The overnighter was officially accomplished. We rounded Cape Mendocino around 8:30 AM about 20 miles offshore after 25 hours of cruising. We have made our turn and are heading direct to Fort Bragg, currently 63 nm away.

We did 2 hour shifts giving us two 4 hour rest periods last night. In theory th…

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We got underway about 0700. Melissa departed the boat to follow us in the chase car. She is not thrilled to do an overnighter so Mike has assumed the cooking responsibility.

It was another foggy start - about half mile visibility. The fog lifted once we got out a ways but it still is overcast (and …

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On the road again

Destination today is Coos Bay. Mike (the owner) joined us at 0550 this morning and we were underway by 0600. It is about 10 or 11 hours to Coos Bay so we should be there by 5:00 PM. Seas so far is a forecasted - 5 foot swell on the rear quarter. It was a little bumpy going out of Newport pounding an…

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Second day in Newport

We are spending another lay day in Newport waiting for the winds to calm down. The high pressure is bringing us sunny skies but a lot of wind. Today the plan is massages at 1:00 and an aquarium visit afterwards.

Forecast looks good for departing for Coos Bay Wednesday. We might do an overnighter to…

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Lay day in Newport

We woke up to blue skies and light winds after sleeping 11 hours. We must have got behind with all the early starts. Weather is nice enough that we could have probably made Coos Bay just fine if we had left early. Oh well, Gerry and Dave remembered the decision to be stuck in Newport is a lot better…

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Heading for Newport

We slept in today and departed port at 0445 to catch the slack tide on the way out. Bar conditions were a little rougher � only boats over 18 feet were permitted. We had 4-6 foot waves at the bar but not even a drop of spray came over the bow. Out a little further, it changed to a 5 foot swell from …

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Garibaldi (Tillamook Bay)

Today begun at 3:00 in the morning - in the pitch black, fog and rain. Gerry and Dave manage to wake up and pilot the boat out over the Grays Harbor bar. After a couple hours, it became light enough to turn off the search lamp and for Dave to go back to bed. After sleeping a few hours, he came back …

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First River Bar

We left at 6:00 under drizzly and foggy conditions. Visibility was less than 1 mile until we got out in the ocean. Then it improved to 2-3 miles only letting us see land at times. The wind was from the south 10-15 knots. Swell was from the northwest at about 2-3 feet. There was not much to see since…

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Everett to Neah Bay

We departed Everett about 0500 to make Neah Bay by dark. Tide pushed us out almost all the way. We saw 12 knots on the GPS a couple times. Seas were calm the whole way. We started to get a little west swell after central Straights. Easy trip.

Our Neah Bay transient slip was disgusting - covered in …

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