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Blog posts : "2014 Central America"

Fish Morse code

We awoke this morning to an odd noise – it sounded like someone was tapping on the hull.  We believe it was probably a fish feeding on the barnacles on the bottom of the boat.  Guess it’s time to get the bottom scrapped again!

We went to breakfast at another restaurant overlooking the bay.  T…

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An internet day

We got up this morning and went ashore for lunch to a nearby hotel.  It was 150 steps up to the restaurant, but the view was worth it once you go there.  And they had internet!

We then took a taxi into the nearby town so Mike could look for distilled water for his batteries.  Wanuskewin’s been …

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Squall on the way to Boca Chica

We awoke to a beautiful morning.  Isla Gomez was deserted and Wanuskewin took their dingy off to explore so we had the place to ourselves.  We took the kayaks over to the island to poke around.  Because it was so calm, we decided to wash the kayaks which had been full of sand from previous adventure…

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Panamanian Navy doth approach

Overnight it was quiet.  But in the early dawn hours we were approached by the Panamanian Navy.  Though in a boat just larger than a panga.

They wanted us to go to Puerto Muelles to do our check in paperwork, but we told them we were going to Panama City to do our paperwork.  They seemed ok wit…

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Melissa breaks the boat

This morning we got going early as there was a ton of stuff to get done if we are going to depart for Panama tonight.  We went to the big duty free mall to buy a bunch of cheap liquor.  Then the gals finished the provisioning while the guys did the checkout paperwork.  They had to go to immigration …

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How many cavitites?

Our days here in Golfito have been quiet.  We wake in the morning to sunny hot weather.  Then in the afternoon the rains come.  Yesterday we went to the dentist.  We figured while we are hanging here waiting to check out of the country(officials here aren't available till Tuesday to do our paperwork…

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Whole lotta nothin'

We've been hanging at anchor in Golfito for the past two days.  Doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, we have been working on planning our trip to Lima in October.  Machu Picchu here we come!  Oh, and maybe a trip to the Galapagos too!

Golfito the last Costa Rica stop

We awoke to bright sunshine and beautiful clear waters.  We pulled up anchor and headed for Golfito - only a few miles away.  We anchored in Golfito and headed ashore to a tiny cruiser marina called Land and Sea. Its a funky place run by a couple of ex-pat cruisers.  There's a room where you can w…

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Missed the botanical garden

While we were just loving the flat anchorage at Rincon, it was time to move on.  So we sailed over to Casa Orquidea where there is supposed to be a wonderful botanical garden.  Unfortunately, when we arrived the skies opened up and poured on us, preventing us from touring the garden.  Bummer!

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Dave falls in

For breakfast we headed into the restaurant.  There we met a young grad student who was majoring in aeronautics.  He was here working on a project using an autonomous helicopter he had built to video the local dolphin population to help the scientists here in the bay study them.  He was flying the h…

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In the morning Dave dropped Melissa off in town for a much needed haircut.  She's been threatening to have it cut as short as Dave's because of the heat down here, but she just had a couple of inches trimmed off.  After that we headed over to another anchorage called Rincon.  It is by far our favori…

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Stupid Pelican

We hung out in Puerto Jimenez for the day. 

Around noon we figured we would head in for lunch.  Wanuskewin headed over to us in their dingy.  We piled into ours.  Dave pulled the starter rope on the 2.5 HP outboard engine, and wham!  The handle came right off in his hand.  Sigh.  Mike said, no s…

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Princess Melissa sleeps her way to a new location

Melissa was worried that with little sleep at anchor Dave might not be able to do the whole overnighter last night solo.  So at 3pm yesterday she headed to bed to try and catch a few hours of sleep in case Dave needed her to do a shift.  But the route had a number of turns, the weather wasn’t great …

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It was a miserable night at anchor.  The rocking and rolling was worse than most trips on the open ocean.  The swell was 8 to 10 foot in the anchorage.  Bleck.  When we awoke in the morning, Wanuskewin said that it was bad enough that one of the ropes on their flopper stopper broke.  A while later w…

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Snakes on a Boat

Snakes.  Why’d it have to be snakes?
            -        Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Arc

The panga picked us up on the boats at 7am this morning.  We went ashore, got our dive gear and were underway to the dive site out on Cana Island by 7:30.  Along the way Mike and H…

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Drake Bay

We set off from Dominicalito early this morning for Drake Bay.  Most of the trip was uneventful till a squall came upon us quite suddenly.  Normally you can see a squall kicking up white caps before it gets to you.  But this one must have just formed and not had the chance to generate any wind waves…

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Wanuskewin’s turn to start leaking

This morning Dave attempted to patch the leak in the exhaust hose using his idea to wrap one of the old dingy inner tubes around it and hose clamp it down.  But that didn’t work.  Fortunately he realized he could just cut off the 6 inches at the very end and reattach the hose because there was enoug…

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Manuel Antonio Park

We got up early this morning to head for Manuel Antonio Park.  This is one of the most famous ecological parks in Costa Rica.  Unfortunately we were pretty disappointed by it.  It was super crowded – so much so that it was amazing we saw any wildlife at all because of all the noise people were makin…

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A week or so ago Melissa noticed that a PayPal transaction had come through that wasn’t for something we had purchased.  She logged into PayPal to find that sure enough, a computer SSD hard drive had been bought using our PayPal account.


So she disputed the transaction (which has since bee…

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Dave says goodbye to Zetron

Today was all about restocking the boat, doing laundry, and organizing for the trip back to Seattle in August.  The guys that we purchased the air conditioner from came to look at the bad controller unit.  While it took us a whole day to sail from Herradura where their shop is to Quepos, of course i…

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