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Blog posts : "2015 Back Home In The USA"

A visit to our furniture

So this weekend we decided to head over to Sequim and visit our furniture at Lisa and Murph's place on the water.  Some of you may recall that when we packed up our condo to go sailing, we shipped all the furniture over to their place. They didn't have any furniture yet in this 4000 sq foot retireme…

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Melissa sick all week

So Melissa's grand plan to visit her Dad for a few days, then head back down to the Seattle area and start interviewing for jobs got completely wiped out this week when three days after arriving, she got a terrible cold, which promptly irritated her asthma.  Dang it.  She was totally off all the ast…

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Let there be light

Dave flew home today.  Long flight through Houston TX, but completely uneventful.

Meanwhile, Melissa helped Marla put up some new lights.  This one went into the master bedroom to give it a little bling.  We tried to put it up yesterday, alas a really bad design frustrated us.  A tiny hole with …

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