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Blog posts : "2019 Maintenance"

Electrifying Upgrades

Electrical systems on boats are complicated.

There are two sets of batteries - the starter battery which starts the engine, and the house batteries which power everything else from the kitchen lights to the toilets.  You always want to isolate the starter battery from the house batteries so that …

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MacGuyver knows his fridge system best

Shortly after we moved the boat to Carillon Marina in June 2018 all the coolant leaked out of the refrigeration system.  So we called Cliff Marine service to come take a look. Dave was certain that there was a leak in the system somewhere. Cliff had serviced the unit and filled the coolant before we…

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You wouldn't think one little bolt would be so much trouble

A couple months ago Dave smelled burnt rubber coming from the engine compartment. Upon examination, he found the bolt that holds the alternator tensioning arm to the water pump had broken clean off and fallen into the bilge. 

The lack of tension caused the alternator belt to slip and burn. H…

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The ice maker rises again

There are moments.  Moments where you think to yourself – “No!  It shall not be!”.  Moments when you refuse to accept fate.  Moments when you resist the natural entropy of the universe which dictates that all things must come to an end.

Dave vs the Ice Maker is one of these things.

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