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How many people you bet turn up with COVID next week?

Rumor is that they serve breakfast here at Lake Bay on weekends.  So Dave heads up to the restaurant – sure enough breakfast sandwiches that he brings back to the boat.  Yumo.

After breakfast – at high tide so we don’t have to worry about hitting ground on the way out of here – we start out f…

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And you thought we had a bad day yesterday…

So Melissa has consistently been doing 7 to 8 hours a day in meetings for the past two weeks.  New team members spinning up has added to her already heavy workload.  While Dave has been taking half days off.  So Melissa decides today she is going to take a whole hour and go for a kayak ride at lunch…

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Seen better days

Today we - Nearly go aground, realize the bilge pump isn’t working, struggle with a docking, and blow fuses.  Yeah, it’s a crazy day at sea.

At 4am Melissa hears Dave wake up and pull up some floor boards.  She knows he doesn’t do this unless he thinks the boat is sinking.  Weird.  But he do…

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Enjoying an old favorite

Dave took another half day off today, while Melissa was in 7 hours worth of meetings.  Dave decided to go for a nice walk around Gig Harbor.  He stopped to read all the historical placards located all over town.

Melissa reports having heard the sump pump run at odd hours.  It sounds like the sh…

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Taking your dock with you

So its Tuesday and Melissa is back-to-back in meetings.  Dave lets us loose from the mooring buoy at Blake Island at around 11am, and we head to Gig Harbor.  It’s a bit of a grey and cloudy day, so the solar is not making much power.

We arrive in Gig Harbor between meetings so Melissa can anc…

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Working from the Boat

Its Monday and Melissa is back at work.  The past few weeks have been 7 to 8 hours of meetings solid.  We have a few new employees, and bringing them up to speed plus the regular work load has made work days a bit nutty and a little long.

Melissa was explaining last week to co-workers that work…

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Ostrich bay

The sun is shining again today.  We decide to head out of the Bremerton Marina for Ostrich bay.  Melissa asks why it is called Ostrich Bay.  Dave replies, because that is where all the wild Ostrich live.  Uh huh.

Ostrich Bay turns out to be a wonderful little bay filled with summer cabins, wa…

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Do you remember how to rig a spring line?

Its another rainy day today.  Melissa stays snuggled up in bed most of the day.  But we realize that the aft head tank is full and Dave decides to head over to the pump out station to empty the tank.  We head off the dock only to be hailed by our dock mates that our dingy broke loose and was floatin…

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The generator is busted again!

MacGyver decides to take the generator apart today. 

He finds that the fuel line is busted.

Turns out there has been a recall on this part from the manufacturer – likely for quite some time.  Well, no wonder it puked out all the gas on the deck.  Question is how to fix it?  We can ord…

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Do we need a new generator?

Overnight a bit of a storm kicked up.  Last night waves slapping the stern were so loud that they woke Melissa out of a sound sleep.  No harm as we are safely tied up at the dock.  Just annoying.  But the clouds and rain make for a quiet day at the marina – and we feel lazy so Dave calls and books a…

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Head for Port!

Yesterday the generator started up easy as you please.  One pull.  Thing has been running great ever since Dave replaced the carburetor.  Today.  Nada.  Not only did the generator not start, it also puked all its gas all over the deck.  Dave comes into the cabin covered in sweat, hot, and frustrated…

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No spare parts and no stamps?!

After yesterday’s venture back to Seattle, we were ready for a quiet day aboard the boat in Silverdale.  Dave and Melissa both worked all day – albeit remotely.  So we decide to head ashore for dinner at the Yacht Club Broiler restaurant.  They have a huge outdoor patio where the tables are spaced 1…

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Back at Work

So in these crazy days of COVID, we've been WFB (working from boat) when the occasion and weather would allow.  So the past few weeks we've been on and off the boat.  A bit of an oddity for those we work with, but for us - its like a taste of live aboard again.  Amazingly we have internet via cell p…

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Where are thou Uber?

We've been out on the boat long enough that we need to restock supplies.  We are currently anchored at Poulsbo, so Dave takes Melissa ashore where she plans to catch an Uber to Winslow where her favorite Bainbridge Island grocery store is.  Plus her Hitchcock Restaurant CSA (Community Supported Agri…

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BAG (Big Ass Flag)

We head out back across the pond to Poulsbo to anchor for the weekend.  We were out over the July 4 weekend, during which we saw some boats proudly flying the colors with giant flags.  Dave got big flag envy.  Net result after a quick Amazon order:

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Cell phone up the mast!

After Dave heads out for flight testing, Melissa gets an idea.  She guesses that the cell phone data problems yesterday might be because she is down low amongst all the masts in the marina.  Maybe interference?  So borrowing from what we used to do in Central America when signal strength was problem…

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Glad that didn't happen in flight

Dave gets up at dawn and heads out.  He has to go home, water the plants, and pick up some gear for his test flight with the FAA.  The morning flights go well, but they have an equipment failure (unrelated to the Dynon gear).  Taxiing out to the runway in the afternoon a piece of carpet jams up the …

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FAA Makes Us Scramble

We are out on the boat when Dave gets the call that the FAA is ready to perform some test flights on Dynon gear.  This is a rare opportunity because the FAA is (no surprise) focused on 737 Max right now.  Something opened up in their schedule and Dave needs to jump on it.  This means Dave has to be …

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No more mooring buoys at Winslow

July 27 We headed back to Elliot Bay marina – loading up groceries for another few days out.  The view from Elliot bay is spectacular!

July 28 We headed out for Winslow, intending to pick up a mooring buoy.  Alas, we had neglected to notice that Winslow has changed things up with the new d…

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Headed home to work for a week

We decide to head back to Winslow and pick up a mooring buoy for the night. 

The next day we headed back to Elliot Bay where we parked the boat for a week while we went home to work.  No point in taking her back through the locks if we are just going to head out again, so we leave her at Ell…

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