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Walla Walla Vet Vet Weekend

Dave's best friend, David, (confusing yes I know) has been egging him on the past several years to buy a corvette.  David had a deposit down on a brand new 2020 C8.  He convinced Dave to do the same.  Something about a rear engine, bla, bla, bla.  Ultimately, Dave decided on a 2019 C7.  Because its …

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Pancake Fail

So Dave told us a few days ago he wants pancakes for breakfast.  Hmmm.  Melissa has pancake mix aboard but its got almond flour in it and that won’t work with Dave’s allergies.  She also has gluten free flour but no baking soda or powder.  And whipped egg whites are out due to Dave's allergy.  There…

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Front row seats to marina wedding

We awoke to a cooler day.  Time for some rib sticking oatmeal and braised greens with sausage!  The oatmeal had cinnamon apples mixed that were originally destined for a pie, with port wine reduction drizzled over the top.  Perfect fall breakfast!

We made our way to the Des Moines marina. …

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We eat like kings

We awoke to another lovely morning in Filucy Bay.  When we pulled up the anchor, Dave got to test out the washdown pump for the first time.

We quickly discovered a flaw in the design – the intake hose you drop in the water tends to float.  A quick modification solved the issue:

We …

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Fourth time is a charm

20 years ago Dave and Melissa found a small bay filled with sand dollars and named it “Sand Dollar Bay”.  We’ve wanted to revisit for years.  Today we hoped would be the day.  Alas.

The real name of that bay is “Fish Trap”.  When we got to Fish Trap with the hope of anchoring and hopping i…

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Hardest mooring buoy ever

This morning Dave had to hook up the wash down pump and give it a try.  Success!!!

We headed to Eagle Island.  We had a heck of a time picking up the mooring buoy.  Melissa realized that we needed to bridle the hook up when we first hooked up because with the current roaring through there, i…

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Melissa has wished for this for 8 long years

Breakfast was pork sausage with roasted veggies and a herb sauce.  Most of us loved it, but Dave said it was “mushy”.  Oh well.

Ever since seeing Joint Decision (52 foot Nordhaven) wash their anchor down with a pump that could have powered a fire hose (after rescuing them), Melissa has …

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Boat Parts as Kitchen Tools

Since we spent two nights in Poulsbo, we decided to make the 52-mile run to Gig Harbor today.  Underway, the gang finished solving the Baker’s Dozen puzzle.  We parked at the Arabella Marina.  Tight fit, but as per usual, Captain Dave put it in the slip like he’s been doing this for years.  Because.…

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Lazy Day in Poulsbo

Dinner last night had risotto, so this morning’s breakfast – risotto cakes!  And chicken sausage.  And Bloody Mary’s with Jim’s pickled tomatoes from tomatoes in his garden!

Jim, Melissa, and Margaret spent the day playing a Hunt A Killer game – Baker’s Dozen.  Spoiler alert…

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Uneventful as a trip through the locks gets

After all the engine work the past few weeks, we are ready to head out!  We loaded the boat with groceries last night.  Apsaras is as loaded with food and wine as she ever has been.  We plan to be gone a week, and we have enough food for two weeks.  Well, its all about choices isn't it?

We fi…

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Another starter bites the dust

Apsaras really likes to eat starters.  After having replaced the starter a few weeks ago, Dave and Jim tackled the big job of removing the turbo charger so that they could fix the leak that drips onto the starter.  Been a problem for years, but the leak has gotten worse – to the point where there is…

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Dave replaces the starter yet again

We were due to head out this afternoon with Dave’s 89 year old Dad – George.  George has always wanted to go on a boat venture with us, but has never had the opportunity.  We drove to Shilshole at about noon.  Shilshole called us along the way and said that they needed us to move the boat as the sli…

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Engine trial run to Poulsbo

We headed out around 1pm.  We decided to make the easy run across to Paulsbo so that if the newly repaired engine has issues, we can get back to Shilshole or tow them to an anchoring spot easily.  But the engine worked fine.  A few sputters that we believe was just a bit more air in the lines making…

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Engine repair complete!

If Dave’s theory about the injectors was right, it was going to be relatively trivial to fix Peregrine’s engine.  If his theory was wrong, then it was likely to be very expensive as the next likely thing to have failed was a fuel pump.  So our fingers were crossed.  Apparently that Perkins engine is…

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Do they need another rescue?

We awoke this morning to no messages overnight from Charly and Nomi.  By 11am we were really worried.  In addition to the engine problems, we knew that Nomi was having trouble with her electrical system.  We had visions of them sitting on the mooring buoy with not even enough power to charge their c…

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Another boat rescued!

This morning was gorgeous and we decided to head out for Gig Harbor.  Alas we would not make it there.  About half way there, Peregrine’s engine quit.  Nomi and Charly reported it had been sounding funny for a bit and then quit.  We quickly rigged up for towing.  We had installed anti-chafe on Apsar…

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Headed out for a week!

For weeks now we’ve been anticipating a week buddy boating with Melissa’s brother Charly, and his girlfriend Nomi.  Nomi owns an Islander 34-foot sailboat.  She and Charly are learning how to cruise.  And we figured this week would be a good opportunity while buddy boating to share knowledge and han…

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Great group of Neighbors!

We have such great neighbors here in Mexico!  They came for happy hour and we had a blast discussing everything from our favorite books to politics!  We solved all the world's problems!

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No good deed goes unpunished

After my crazy misadventure poking a hole in my cornea, I had my last eye doctor check up today.  I was given the "all clear".  Apparently the doctor can't even see a scar remaining.  Whew.

As I was leaving the hospital, I asked the front desk where the nearest florist was. Figured I would hav…

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Pot project nearly done!

Ok, for those paying close attention, we have a big pot project going on here.  No, not that kind of pot!  Our deck plant pots have been rotting out, and we bought a ton of pots to try and replace them.  I blogged our planned process here.  We stuck to the 6 step process - well 9 steps if you co…

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