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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea


Saturday we attended a children’s charity event.  The local ex-pats here have a number of children’s charities.  Right now there is a big focus on trying to educate the kids despite the schools being closed.  The event on Saturday was a children’s art auction.  The children were given paints and canvases and created artwork to be sold at the auction.  Some local artists also donated pieces, and a few more were thrown in by locals attending an acrylic paint work shop.  We bid on “Daisy” – because it was adorable and it was all for charity!  We left the auction early thinking that most certainly Daisy would get bid up during the silent auction – which had another hour to go.  But today they called to announce we had walked away winners!  $110 USD well spent!  We hung her on a wall near the donkey in the entryway so they can hang out together.


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