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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Fourth time is a charm

20 years ago Dave and Melissa found a small bay filled with sand dollars and named it “Sand Dollar Bay”.  We’ve wanted to revisit for years.  Today we hoped would be the day.  Alas.

The real name of that bay is “Fish Trap”.  When we got to Fish Trap with the hope of anchoring and hopping in the skiff to see the sand dollars, the current was raging and the wind blowing.  Tight quarters and deep anchorage.  Not a good combo.  Dave instructed Melissa to put down 200 feet of chain (all the chain we have – only thing left is 100 foot of rope).  But when we backed down, we were too close to another boat.  None of us liked the optics.  We decide to bail.

Next stop, Boston Harbor, a small marina with a grocery store and great locals.  Dave calls ahead and they assign us a tie up spot.  Alas.  When we arrived, we approached the dock to find the depth was only 4 feet below the keel when we were 200 feet from the dock.  With the warnings in the guidebook that this marina dries at low tide, he didn’t like the optics.  Dave decides to bail and we are all with him.

We then head to Hope Island in hope of catching a mooring buoy.  Alas none were open and two were missing.  We bail on that plan.

We land on heading for somewhere that we have been before – Filucy Bay.  Lovely quiet bay.  Slow internet but we can live with that.  It was a gorgeous day to be on the water.

Underway, Jim fixes the screws in his cabin door which had worked themselves out.

Later this morning we started another Hunt-A-Killer game Camp Calamity.  When we do this – it takes over the main cabin.

Jim and Melissa are intent on solving these puzzles.  Margaret says, “no wonder you two were known for finishing projects in time and under budget – you guys are intense!”.  Well, more or less that is what she said.

But despite the game, we can still take a break to cook!  Dinner was turkey bacon with chicken with a creamy pasta sauce with fried sage leaves on top.  Jim and Melissa can fit in the kitchen together despite the tight quarters.

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