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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Hardest mooring buoy ever

This morning Dave had to hook up the wash down pump and give it a try.  Success!!!

We headed to Eagle Island.  We had a heck of a time picking up the mooring buoy.  Melissa realized that we needed to bridle the hook up when we first hooked up because with the current roaring through there, if we put both ends of the mooring rope on the same side of the boat we would have no hope of moving the rope to the other side pulling against the current.  Alas she failed to communicate this to Dave who was at the helm.  That plus struggling with the rope and the boat hook, she failed to point at the buoy when it dropped below Dave’s view under the boat horizon.  Two failed tried and Dave was frustrated.  But third try and we made it.  But when the guide book says the current roars through here – they are not kidding.  The other side of this is that at stack tide we will be bumping against the buoy while adrift.  We put out the front bumper intended to prevent this from being an issue overnight – alas between the thumping and the slapping against the stern it was a short night sleep for us all.  But the view is gorgeous!

Meanwhile, Jim made lamb burgers and butternut squash fries for lunch.  Tons of different kinds of herbs.  So yummy.  Alas we managed to mistake the English muffins for hamburger buns in the freezer so the buns seemed weird.  Well, yeah, because the hamburger buns were still tucked away in the cupboard.

Dinner was grilled lamb medallions with green beans and crispy shallots.  Go chef Jim!

After dinner we set up the big monitor in the cockpit to watch Dirty Dancing with popcorn – made the old-fashioned way!

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