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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Kelly lives here now

Kelly and Nicole visited us for a week.  We had a total blast.  This look here is classic Kelly.  Laughing his ass off.  And making the rest of us laugh just as hard.

Its great to see him so happy with Nicole.  Though she is way out of his league.  At least that is what Kelly says, and we have to agree.  How he landed her is still a mystery to us all.

When Kelly saw the condo view for the first time, he was like, Wow.  "Dad would be so proud of you, sis."  Yeah, that thought has dawned on me too.  I miss Dad.

When Kelly and Nicole departed, they left behind clothes and a few personal items making it clear they would be back.  They threatened to put a lock on the door to "their room".  Instead they just left this behind for us to find the next day - marking their turf.

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