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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Pancake Fail

So Dave told us a few days ago he wants pancakes for breakfast.  Hmmm.  Melissa has pancake mix aboard but its got almond flour in it and that won’t work with Dave’s allergies.  She also has gluten free flour but no baking soda or powder.  And whipped egg whites are out due to Dave's allergy.  There are other egg substitutes aboard but they won't add the fluff we need to make nice light pancakes.  She does have yeast.  So we find a recipe for yeast based pancakes.  Melissa whips this up early in the morning and sets it to rising. So we read about a recipe for yeast based pancakes.  Ok, that sounds doable.  So Melissa got up before 7am (on a Saturday mind you - she must really love Dave) to start a batch and let it rise.  Sure enough the batter got nice and fluffy. 

Alas when Melissa went to fry them up, they wouldn't really cook in the middle.  Might be that the batter was too thick.  They stayed gooey.  So she decides to try to bake a batch in the oven on parchment paper.  These were edible but not great.  But anything covered in maple syrup can't be all bad.

Today in Des Moines there was a farmer's market on the dock.  We picked up some ripe plums for a tart for tonight's dinner.  After the market, we headed out of Des Moines marina bound for the locks.  We wanted to come back through Saturday because Sunday’s inbound to the lake usually involve big delays.  Today it was going to be a big delay anyway.  When we got there, commercial traffic was inbound to the lake.  They get priority.  So we waited two lock cycles before they took us.  While we were waiting, Jim whipped up lunch.  Shrimp with fresh rolls.

Upon arriving back at the dock, Jim whipped up dinner - shrimp with pasta!  And that amazing plum tart!

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