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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Walla Walla Vet Vet Weekend

Dave's best friend, David, (confusing yes I know) has been egging him on the past several years to buy a corvette.  David had a deposit down on a brand new 2020 C8.  He convinced Dave to do the same.  Something about a rear engine, bla, bla, bla.  Ultimately, Dave decided on a 2019 C7.  Because its the last of the front engine models its already a classic.  Cheaper too since its used.  Which the accountant likes.

In any case, they are both fast and loud.  And the boys wanted to take them for a spin to Walla Walla.

Lisa and David arrived at the condo Thursday night so we could get an early start in the morning.  Was a gorgeous weekend for a drive.

The boys look pretty smug don't they?

But they are best pals after all.

Upon arriving at our airbnb, we discovered an incredible veggie garden.  Score!  Food and wine!  What could be better!  Saturday after a long day of wine tasting, Melissa whipped up a 5 course meal.  Crostini with lox dip, roasted beet salad with chive cream cheese, sauteed scallops with marinated cucumbers, shrimp with fried sage and charred lemon, steak and baked potato with all the fixin’s.  Yum!  It poured rain on us during dinner, but with the umbrella we could care less.

Sunday we headed home and it poured rain coming over the pass.  Was a bit white knuckle there for a while.  But the vets did fine despite their fat tires.


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