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Blog posts : "2013 Alaska Ho!"

Home again!

We made it home to Everett.  We will be on the dock here till Aug 19th when Dave will start for San Francisco with two crew members we hired to help take Apsaras down the coast.  Melissa will fly down and meet them in San Francisco.  We've got a long list of projects to do while we are here includin…

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How many crabs did you catch?

Our original plan was to head towards home through Deception Pass, but the fog and rain nixed that idea so we ended up in Anacortes.  From there it was through the Swinomish Channel to Coupville on Whidbey Island.  While we were at anchor, Melissa heard a bunch of hollering from a boat nearby.  Not …

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2 hours on the bus

Since Dave was working, Melissa figured she would head into Eastsound by bus and do a bit of shopping.  The bus in was no problem.  There is only one bus on the island.  The bus driver said the next bus heading back to Rosario was at 1:35pm.  So Melissa got on the 1:35 bus.  Alas, it wasn't the one …

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Two buoy assists in two days

On Tuesday we made our way to Deer Harbor after dropping Jamie, Melissa, and Aveaha off at Friday Harbor.  However, a few hours made clear that Deer Harbor had zero cell phone reception, and worse, no WiFi connectivity.  So we moved to EastSound onto a mooring buoy in front of Rosario Resort.  Sin…

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Training the next generation of boaters

Today we picked up Jamie, Melissa (not to be confused with the other Melissa), and Aveaha who is 2 years old.  We weren't sure how she would do aboard the boat, but she took to it like she was born to it.  She kept wanting to go round and round the deck, so we hooked her to a halyard (that rope hook…

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Spinnaker Failure

We started out from Montague Harbor in the morning and decided to raise the spinnaker.  Melissa rigged it and then went to raise the bag, which kept getting stuck.  Even Dave couldn't get it unstuck.  So we lowed the spinnaker to the deck again and low and behold a giant snarly knot had been created…

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A somewhat techical sailing day

We knew getting off the dock in the wind at Nanaimo was going to be tricky.  We set up a spring line from the bow to the dock at mid-ship.  That way Dave could power forward and the net effect would be that the stern would swing outward, with the hope of clearing the boat behind us at which point he…

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Slam, Slam, Slam

How is it that every time we are in Nanaimo that the wind is blowing 30 knots?  Last time we were here years ago, Dave had to park the boat on the dock in gale force winds.  Last night we got very little sleep due to the winds.  Note to self, next time don't park stern to the wind and wake from peo…

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Whisky Golf is Active, repeat, Active today

Started out early from Garden Bay to cross the Straights of Georgia before the winds get strong in the afternoon.  Dave was happy as the winds were strong enough to sail.  Out in the middle where its unprotected the waves got to about 4 foot on our beam, but calmed back down when we hit the other si…

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A good deed

Dave was getting frustrated by the fridge and freezer as they were running a lot and sucking down battery power which is causing us to run the noisy generator more than we would like.  A bit of forum research indicates that the drain hole in the bottom of the fridge simply spills into the bilge with…

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Back to Garden Bay

Left Princess Louisa early to catch the Malibu Rapids at slack.  We dropped Jim off at the car in Egmont and continued to Garden Bay with Margaret to meet back up with Jim for the night.  Lunch and beers at the pub.  Followed by a tour around the bay in the skiff.  Then dinner and live Celtic mu…

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Newborn Baby Seals

We slept in and had brunch – bacon and blueberry pancakes.  Yum.

We were almost out of dingy gas.  So Dave went down to the youth camp at the head of the inlet.  They told him that they couldn't buy gas, but he could make a donation.  Deal!

Yesterday during our travels we had come across s…

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The Waterfalls of Princess Louisa

Most of the photos in this post courtesy Jim Maurer.

When Jim woke up he had a shock when he realized a critter had come aboard during the night and eaten some hamburger buns and chips.  We thought at first maybe a raccoon.  However, a close inspection revealed that it was a bird that had pecked th…

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Impromptu BEG Meeting

After an early start we pulled into Egmont in the late afternoon.  The current at the dock was running two knots which could have made for a tricky docking.  But Dave managed it with no difficulty at all.  Melissa went to do laundry and various errands.  At 4:30 she realized we were nearly out of ma…

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Running the Rapids

In order to make it to Egmont to pick up Jim and Margaret in two days we have to run all the rapids today from Whirlpool, to Green Point, to Dent, and through Yuculta rapids.  This requires super tight timing because you have to hit all 4 sets of rapids at the right time or you will get stuck not ab…

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As we were going through Tribune Channel near Thompson Sound, we found ourselves amidst a pod of dolphins.  There were dolphins as far as the eye could see.  There was a group of 8 or so of them that were going nuts jumping and playing together.  Not clear whether they were mating or maybe just youn…

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Queen Charlotte Sound Crossing

We crossed Queen Charlotte Sound today.  An open ocean crossing, we were concerned about the weather and it was this crossing that caused us to slow down several days ago so we would arrive at the right weather window.  And indeed the passing was relatively smooth with 10 knot winds most of the way.…

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Humbacks as far as the eye can see

Listen up God.  Next time… more butterflies and less of those horrible biting horseflies, ok?  Those flies are nasty.  Melissa bought Dave a giant electric flyswatter which he used all afternoon chasing them around the boat.  He probably took out 20 of them, but even with Dave's constant vigil and d…

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The salmon they torture us

The salmon they torture us.  They jump all around taunting us as if to say, “Ha ha, you can’t catch us!”

We pulled into Shearwater marina.  We were here precisely 4 weeks ago.  Since then the place has changed from off season to full summer season.  The docks are littered with boaters sittin…

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Crab crackin'

For lunch Melissa cracked the two giant crabs we caught yesterday.  Took a half hour to crack them all.  Then she made them into a salad with nectarines, avocado, lime juice, and a bit of cilantro.  Yum.

Later we watched a whale, but it was scared away by a big BC ferry so we didn't get any go…

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