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4 years in the making - Apsaras is back at Elliot Bay Marina

May 29, 2017

We pulled out of the bay behind the islands at Port Ludlow early this morning.  Dave wanted to make tracks before the tide went out to make sure we had plenty of clearance on the way out.  We stopped for diesel and then were off to Seattle.  Against the currents it took us hours to make the crossing.

It was four years ago exactly - Memorial Day weekend when we departed for Alaska.  Today Apsaras came home to Elliot Bay.  Here's what it looked like pulling in today.  Home sweet home.


Port Ludlow

May 28, 2017

The plan this weekend was to bring Apsaras down to Elliot Bay so that Dave can do some maintenance on her - nights and weekends.  There's a long list of stuff to be done - including replacing her generator - which you may recall caught fire in panama.  So we made the 10 hour long trek down from Canada to Port Ludlow today.  When we crossed the boarder, Dave called US Customs, and gave them our Nexus numbers, along with the boat registration numbers, and "Welcome to the USA".  Love not having to actually pull into port to clear customs!

As we were pulling in Port Ludlow, the light dawns on Dave that we have no cruising guides for Puget Sound.  Melissa has a vague recollection that we gave them away when we were headed south thinking we wouldn't need them again till they were out of date.  Doh.  Best laid plans... meanwhile Dave is trying to remember how to get behind the little islands at the end of Port Ludlow.  One of the three entrances is a "sucker hole" that the deer walk across at low tide.  Hmmm.  But which one?  Dave chooses to the best of his recollection and goes very slowly.  Melissa stands on the bow peering into the murky water hoping to see ground before we hit it.  We motor on through with no issues - 7 foot clearance below the keel at high tide.  One of the sailors yells at us as we get to the back "hey - you want to come through that other one next time - you were lucky!".  Well, not exactly.  The entrance that is truly un-passable we promptly see deer wandering across.  So we did the one passable only at high tide.

Best Lamb Burger

May 27, 2017

Last night one of Dave's colleagues from work, who wanted a refresher on how to fly in and out of Canada, flew us to Nanaimo.  After a quick provisioning trip to the store, we headed out to anchor in the bay just outside the Marina.  Beautiful sunset!  Yes, we are only 100 yards from the marina.  But that distance is the difference between noise and peace.

Dinner was lamb chops with mint and lemon with rosemary garlic potatoes.  The lemon was from some preserved lemons Melissa made last fall in an attempt to keep them from going bad.  They marinated in the olive oil all winter long and were yummy!

This morning we had a heck of a time pulling up the anchor.  We feared having caught something - but no, it was just the mud here is so thick that we had to use Apasara's motor to pull out the anchor!

Then Melissa fried up some Bacon underway along with potatoes and mushrooms along side.  Oh, and don't forget the mimosas!

Along the way we saw a whale watching boat and were hoping to see whales.  Alas no whales, but still a spectacular day with calm seas and the mountains visible all around.

Then it was off to Bedwell Harbor.  Dinner at Poet's Cove resort.   Dave says it was the best lamb burger he has ever eaten.  He thinks maybe it was the goat cheese they used atop it.

Apsaras gets a black bottom

April 28, 2017

The yard tells us that black bottom paint performs better.  Dunno if that is the truth or if they just had a ton of black paint left over from the last bottom job they wanted to get rid of.  Regardless, she looks great!

And on the way back to the Marina - 7.5 knots at 2500 RPM!  Apsaras is one happy boat!

Apsaras goes to the yard

April 25, 2017

Dave took off around 12:15 after updating Spike's software and mapping databases. He landed at Nanaimo around 1:00. Landing was fun (NOT!) - 10 knot cross wind gusting to 17 knots. It wasn't turbulent so he just did a no-flaps landing coming across the fence kind of hot so it was easier to align to the runway. As he got close, the cross wind subsided and he touched down halfway down the runway. He still had some rudder left but not much.  

After taxiing to customs, it took 10 whole minutes waiting on hold to clear into Canada. Pretty painless even with the wait. National upgraded him because they had no small cars. Just what he need for a 10 mile commute - a SUV. Went and got lunch and headed to the haul-out yard to get situated. It turns out that they use a semi-truck and a fancy hydraulic trailer to pull boats out. His instructions were to tie up at the boat ramp and they would position the trailer under the boat and pull it out. Tie up at the boat ramp in a 45' sailboat? That is a first. 

 Dave arrived at Apsaras around 2:00 and started her engine to get it warmed up. It was blowing about 15 knots at the marina so he found a guy to help him cast off. Backed out and headed down the fairway with no difficulties. Dave arrived at the boat launch a bit early so he tried to dock by himself. No dice with the wind directly on the side blowing him off. So he backed out to wait until help arrived only to find a shallow spot. The depth sounder is perfectly adjusted. Apsaras came to a stop just as it read 0 feet. Sigh. Tide is coming in so he was not worried. In only a couple minutes it had come up far enough to power off the mud. 3 for 3 in Apsaras getting her off on her own power. The yard showed up and helped him tie her down.

And now we can see why she can't steer very well, and is slowed by about 30%.  Yikes.

Snow on the decks

March 5, 2017

Dave awoke this morning to snow covered decks.  Brrr....  Thank goodness he has fixed the heaters that warm up the interior of the boat while underway, or it would be downright miserable.  Back to Ladysmith Marina.

Dave was hoping to maybe fly home today and make this venture a two day deal.  Alas the weather is not cooperating, and Dave has to fly home Monday morning.  Come Monday he arrives at the boat to find it covered in snow and ice.  He tries to get the de-icing truck out to de-ice his plane, but they are worried about how much de-ice they have for the big jets and won't do it.  But they feel bad for him and the truck shows up anyway - about the time Dave has the snow brushed off the plane by hand.  As its now a sunny, but cold day, its actually a good day for a flight home.

Just a paperwork thing

March 4, 2017

Apsaras' clearance into Canada was only good for 6 months.  Since she cleared into Canada Sept 5, her clearance was up March 5.  So last night, Dave flew up to Nanaimo in Spike, so that this morning he could head out to the USA.  Since we got our Nexus cards, this meant he could sail across the boarder, call US Customs and get his clearance via phone.  Then turn the boat around, cross back into Canadian waters and call Canadian Customs and get his clearance back into Canada - thereby resetting the 6 month clock.  Yeah.  Kind of silly, I know.  But what you going to do?

Apsaras really needs a bottom cleaning.  Best she can do is 5 knots at 2500 RPM.  If her bottom were clean she would be doing 7 knots.

Dave spent the night at Bedwell Harbor.

Not sure Jim will fly with Dave again

September 10, 2016

Jim and Margaret had left their car at the ferry dock at Anacortes.  The plan was for them to take the ferry back to Anacortes from Victoria.  But Jim much loved the idea of flying home in Spike.  So Melissa and Jim switched spots.  Dave and Jim drove Melissa and Margaret down to Victoria and dropped them at the ferry terminal.  Then Jim and Dave drove back to Nanaimo airport where they hopped in Spike planning to take off for home.  They should have beat the girls there by several hours.  Alas it was not to be.  Spike's right brake failed as they began to taxi.  So as Dave tried to stop the plane, he ended up going in circles to the left.  Hmmm.  Probably shouldn't take off like that, huh?  Because breaking on landing is gonna be problematic.

Fortunately, there was a mechanic on a Saturday afternoon at Nanaimo airport who was perfectly happy to help.  Spike had blown a seal on the piston that controls the caliper on the brake.  The mechanic had the right part, and got it installed in under 20 minutes.  But the delay to figure out what was wrong, and find the mechanic had delayed the guys to where Melissa and Margaret knew they would be ahead of them.

So the girls stopped and grabbed supplies for dinner and headed to Jim and Margaret's for one last dinner together.

Back to Ladysmith

September 9, 2016

An uneventful journey back from Montague Harbor to Ladysmith Marina where Apsaras will spend the winter.  Along the way, we saw a whale, but not close enough to get any really great pictures.


Bus ride you'll never forget

September 8, 2016

Today we headed over to Montague Harbor.  Dave had heard about a cafe there that served (what else!) burgers.  But the real fun was the bus ride o the way there where the bus driver - Tommy - entertains the crowd.  Tommy has written a book called "Tommy Transit's Bus Tales" all about how to change the world around you by just acting differently.  Well, he's definitely got the "different" part down pat.  He was a hoot both coming and going to the pub.

Then a sunset skiff ride back to Apsaras.

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