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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Cenote Diving

We took off into town to go diving in a Cenote.  The Yucatan Peninsula is made of limestone.  There are underground rivers all over the place.  When the ground above the river collapses, an open hole into the river is formed called a Cenote.  They are fresh water on top, but if you go deep enough, they turn into salt water.  You can snorkel and dive in some of them.  This ranks right up there as some of the most amazing diving we have ever done.  I would rank it up there with the diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  There isn’t much sea life, but the stalagmite formations underwater are incredible.  This is also the most technical dive we have ever done as you have to be really solid with your buoyancy control.  It is nearly like cave diving as there is rock all around you, though you are always within sight of the exit.

Interestingly, I thought I would be really nervous since this was such a technical dive –but in fact it was probably the most relaxed diving I have ever done.  My theory is that this is because they gave me two wet suits and hence I was actually warm through the whole dive (never happens!).

The Mexican’s have a business of photographing you on this dive with underwater cameras.  Yeah, we paid $40 for them, silly tourists that we are, but seriously when do you ever get underwater video movies of yourself diving?!

Then we were off to the beach to get great shrimp tacos and beer.  The perfect day.

We then headed off to a small town called Port Morelos for dinner.  We stopped at what looked like a small dive.  Ok, yeah, all the restaurants in town were small dives.  But was the best meal we had on the trip.  Lime soup and shrimp with bacon and cheese.  Mmmmm.  Service was great.  Maybe 10 tables in the whole place.  Should have ordered the bottle of wine because by the time we left a couple of hours later we had downed three glasses each and were feeling no pain.  Warm night, good food, nice wine.  Why are we going home tomorrow?

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