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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Climbing the pyramid

I was determined to climb a Mayan pyramid.  You can’t climb the pyramid at Chichen Itza anymore (it being a 7th wonder of the world).  But there are a few you can still climb, so off to the Coba ruins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coba) we go.  These were smaller, but a much better experience overall.  No Mexican bazaar lining the walk ways.  There are nice paths through the jungle between each of the building sites and it made for a great day of walking.  And I got to climb the pyramid.  Boy, it is deceiving until you are standing there looking up – it is way steep.  The steps are about 1 foot high and only about 8 inches deep.  So it is almost like climbing a ladder.  120 steps all the way to the top.  The view is breathtaking.  But don’t look down – it’s scary.  The way down was a challenge.  Good thing we are in such better shape this year.  We didn’t even get winded either going up or down.

We had to stop for gas again.  Oddly enough, the credit card machine wasn’t working there either.  And somehow, the guy claims Dave gave him the wrong denomination again.  Hey wait.  We have played this game before!  Dave starts an argument and tells the guy the money is in his pocket and he changed it on us.  Guy argues.  Dave gets out of the car (at this point Melissa is freaking out – because she didn’t realize it was a game).  Then the manager came over and started handing Dave back more money than Dave actually gave them to begin with.  Spanish, English, and money flying everywhere.  Dave gave them back money till he knew we had paid the bill properly.  Note to self: next time we buy gas, count out the money as you hand it over.  Wow – what a scam.

We stopped for dinner on the hotel strip at Cancun – a small Mexican restaurant.  Their specialty?  Grasshoppers.  When we looked at the waiter like he must be kidding – he brought us a small dish of them.  I’m not gonna try it.  You first.  No you first….  Dave pops one in his mouth.  Crunchy.  But one of the little legs gets stuck on the back of his throat.  Cough.  The waiter comes back over and explains how to eat them.  You take all the legs off first.  Well, duh.  That would make sense now wouldn’t it?  So I try one too.  Sort of spicy – not as bad as you might think.  As long as you wash them down with margarita.

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