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Next time Intercontinental Presidente

We are headed off to the island of Cozumel to go diving today.  We took the 10am ferry across.  The ferries run every hour on the hour – but it takes three boats to get everyone across.  Now why they don’t just run them every 20 minutes is beyond me.  Queuing everyone up and making them wait in a long line to board the boats (which have to come to the dock one by one – they can’t all be boarded simultaneously) means this is incredibly inefficient.  If only I was in charge…

We took a taxi to the small marina where we were to meet the dive operator.  We wandered into a really nice hotel for lunch – the Intercontinental Presidente.  If we ever come here again – this is the place to stay!  You can dive right off the hotel beach.  And the restaurant served us an amazing shrimp and pineapple salad for lunch.  Way better than our hotel food!

Our dive guide was Eduardo.  He was nice and the dive was very pretty.   Coolest thing we saw was a giant yellow eel.  He was probably 5 feet long.  Though it was so cold and windy that I couldn’t make the second dive because I was so dang cold.  Dave says my lips were blue.  Brrrr.  When we got back to the dock, Eduardo tells us he only takes cash.  He doesn’t have the credit card machine.  We barely had enough cash to make it back to town in the taxi.

Back in town we stopped for dinner.  Oddly, their credit card machine didn’t work either.  Hmmm.  They claim it doesn’t work when the wind blows.  Yeah, right.  Off to the bank machine we go.

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