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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The second car seems ok...

Got up early to catch the flight to Cancun, through Dallas Ft Worth.  Got to Cancun without incident and started to look for the rental car.  Uh ho.  Not good, the PayLess rental car company doesn’t have a desk at the airport.  That means we are headed off site for an “adventure”.  We get to the “office” (one guy with a computer inside a tiny building).  After hassling over the insurance (did you know most credit cards cover you for the collision damage so you should refuse to pay for that even internationally?), they give us what was technically a car.  Covered in dents.  Smaller than a VW Bug.  After spending 10 minutes documenting all the dings and scratches, we drive off.  Only to find that the car is making a horrible noise – Dave figures one wheel bearing is about to give out.  As our plan involved driving 3 hours into the jungle to see the ruins while in Cancun, we didn’t want to find ourselves stranded, so back to the office we go.  Guy claims no way because they just replaced the wheel bearing yesterday.  Yeah, right.  So Dave makes him get in and drive it around.  Another 30 minutes later we are on our way in a slightly larger, less dented car.  Gee that was fun.

We get to the hotel and as we are checking in, they put plastic bracelets on us.  Like the kind they tag you with in the hospital and we are told we have to wear them all week.  Apparently this is how they keep “other people” off the property.  We later chopped them off (they were ugly and uncomfortable) and got reprimanded some days later by the guy at the front gate for not wearing them.  Oh well…

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