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I like impressionist art better than I thought

Today we had planned to get up early and spend a few hours at the Musee D’Orsey.  Alas we overslept till 8:20.  Oh well, probably good to get a good night sleep before we start the venture home again.  None the less we hustled and got dressed, finished packing, checked out, and were at the Museum at 9:10.  To find the line already a half hour long, and the museum doesn’t open till 9:30!  After standing in line for nearly an hour, we got in and had a little over an hour to tour the museum.  I’m glad we went, John and Jim are right, this is way better than the Louvre.  The Louvre has a ton of paintings, but the vast majority are religious and that just gets old after a while.  The Musee D’Orsey has a lot more recent paintings, which still in the realist theme (make the painting actually look like the people it represents), the subjects tend to be more about everyday life and that made them fascinating.  The Musee D’Orsey doesn’t allow any photographs at all, so the tourists were more respectful of the art.

At 11am, we hopped in a cab back to the hotel to grab the bags and head for the airport.  Only another 16 hours of taxis, planes, standing in line, listening to kids scream, and we will be home!  And no doubt itching for good seafood, and a good hamburger, while at the same time longing for more French wine.

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