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If you can drive in Barcelona, you can drive anywhere

The breakfast at the Mas Du Soleilla was fabulous – some type of local handmade yogurt with honey.  There was a gal from Switzerland there who had traveled all over Europe.  She (along with the owners) had all heard of the Auberge du Presbytere where we had stayed the previous night.  They confirmed our suspicions that the Saignon was more touristy than was obvious on the surface.

We drove to Barcelona.  Upon finding our hotel, we found there is a bus lane right in front and nowhere to stop and take out the bags.  So we drive around the block looking for another spot to stop.  Nope – there isn’t one.  So we go back and swing into the bus lane.  Incredibly no one seemed to care – as though that was actually what we were expected to do.  The gal at the front desk told Dave where to park, and Dave drives off.  An hour later he arrives back at the hotel, only to be told he is parked in the wrong lot.  He has to move the car down 1 block. Another hour later, Dave arrives back at the hotel frazzled, but confident he now has driving in Barcelona figured out.  He says it’s just like sailing – the guy in front has the right of way, even if his bumper is only 1” in front of yours.  Dave now figures he is qualified to drive in any city in the world except for maybe Taiwan.

Meanwhile I had washed our clothes in the sink and hung them to dry in the bathroom.  Hmmm… I wonder if they will dry?

We walk to find a restaurant with outdoor seating and order some tapas and sangria.  Dave is now in love with sangria.  Nothing beats it in the hot sun in Spain!  Back to the hotel for me to approve invoices for month end closing, and then off to dinner on the port.  I had found some reviews of a restaurant that supposedly had great paella.  It was good, but I’ve made better, and Arno’s wife’s was way better.  In fact, none of the seafood we have had in Europe was anywhere near as good at what we get in Seattle.

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