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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Begining of the end

Predicted to be the end of the world due to the Mayan calendar running out, the day started out windy and cloudy.  After struggling to get our second anchor aboard we headed to Lark Caye - another Caye that was largely mangroves.  The winds have picked up to 20 kts so Dave got in a good sail on the way here.  We joked that the winds were a sure sign of the beginning o the end of the world.  Seas were at 3 foot but on our stern most of the way so it was a relatively comfortable ride till we turned around the bottom of the island headed for the anchorage where we rocked and rolled for a few minutes.  After arriving at Lark we explored around in the dingy but still didn't see any crocodiles.  Dinner was steak and mashed potatoes as we figured our last dinner should be a good one.  The winds were almost 30 kts.  So Dave was on anchor watch most of the night. 

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