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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Giant Turtles (again!)

We went diving out on the Silk Cayes again.   Yet again amazing coral.  The fish were  ok - lion fish (which everyone wants to kill) and lots of other tropical fish.  Lunch was disgusting.  The BBQ chicken was so dry we couldn't tell the difference between the flesh and the bones.  Yuck.  But after lunch we went to see the giant turtles again and Melissa got to see them this time along with rays and a 4 foot nurse shark.  The weird thing about this dive was that Melissa surfaced with 950 lbs of air.  This was highly unusual.  Normally she is among the first divers to surface from a dive with minimal air.  But this time she had plenty of air.  This is no doubt thanks to Dr Richard who has helped out with PTSD.  Thanks again doc.  During the dive the dive master pointed out two giant yellow moray eels.  Impressive to be sure.  The dive master also played with a jelly fish.  While we were all a bit freaked out, he played with the top and warned us all not to touch the underside.  Ok, point made.

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