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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Superbowl Sunday

Melissa cooked like crazy for the big game day.  Chicken wings with herb dip and blue cheese dip, chili, chicken/bacon dip, cowboy caviar, cowboy cookies, and cheese balls.  Joan made deviled eggs, and Holly made bread to go with the Chili.  

We thought there would be tons of leftovers, but lots of cruisers showed up to watch the game and were more than happy to dig in.

Having watched the last Superbowl from Mexico, we knew that the annoucers would be in Spanish.  So Melissa purchased an "NFL Game Day Pass" for $10 that would allow us to stream live from the US.  We figured we would use our HDMI cable to hook up Melissa's laptop to the big screen TV in the lounge.  Alas, the big TV didn't have an HDMI hookup.  It did have VGA.  Ok, Dave's laptop has a VGA connector, so we figured we would use that.  Alas his laptop wasn't happy with the NFL console.  It was halftime before a couple of reboots fixed the problems, so we figured that was ok because what everyone really missed was the half time commercials.  So we hook up the laptop now streaming the game direct from the US, only to have a message pop up, "these commercials are blocked in your area".  Doh!  Foiled again.  So we disconnect the laptop and go back to the regular cable TV.  Then somewhere in the third quarter the power goes out to the whole marina.  We all sit in the dark for a few minutes listening to the marina generator start up.  The lights come back on, but now we have to reset the TV and cable box to the right channel.  When we flip to channel 553 we find that they have annoucers in English!  Turns out whoever arrived in the common room first switched to the wrong sports station, and none of us had noticed.

In the end none of our cheering helped though.  What a way to lose a game!

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