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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Computer Time

The past couple of days have been dedicated to our computers.  Melissa has been working on a flyer to Real Estate agents that will market her book.

And Dave has been working on building a Seatalk protocol analyzer.  Seatalk is the protocol that the navigation systems on the boat communicate on.  He has always wanted to get the depth information into the moving map / chart system called Open CPN.  So he's got to figure out how to get the depth information from Seatalk to the NMEA bus.  Because NMEA is what Open CPN uses.  Oh, and its also what he will need to complete the Saltydog chart plotter install to solve the same issue.

Meanwhile he also decided to hook up the GPS to the VHF radio so that if we have an emergency aboard Apsaras and use the DSC (digital selective calling) emergency distress button, our position will be broadcast over the radio.  Something he has been meaning to do for ages.

We took a break this afternoon to play Mexican train dominoes and drink rum punch with the gang.

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