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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Don't wander away in Colon

This morning we hopped on the shuttle bus early into Colon where we rented a car and then headed to the dentist.  $40 each for a cleaning.  In a clean office with a dentist that spoke perfect English.  Gotta love that.

Then we headed over to the hospital to pick up Steve and Joan.  Steve was getting an x-ray to ensure his lungs are cleared up from the infection he had.  He was given a clean bill of health.  Along the way, we saw a pile of tires burning in the streets.  Colon is probably one of the skankiest places we have been in Central America.  They warn you not to wander off the beaten path, and never be in town at night.  And god forbid your car break down on a deserted high way.  Note the kids walking across the street near the fire - as though this was nothing out of the ordinary.

After getting a car load of provisions, we headed back to the marina.  Along the way, we took a detour to a nearby park.  Down a long dirt road, there was supposed to be a beach.  And yes, technically there was indeed a beach.  but it was pretty small.  And not in the picture are the piles of trash everywhere.  Hmmm.  Not exactly the picturesque location we were promised.

Then we headed down into the park a bit further to find a giant old fort to explore.  We have no pictures though because Melissa has now gotten everyone addicted to playing spider solitare on our phones, so everyone was out of batteries.   

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