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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Melissa's Last Day

As today was to be our last Sunday here in Panama with the gang, it was decided another big brunch was in order.  Wanuskewin brought pancake mix and spam.  Yes, spam.  It had become the topic of some debate the night before.  Wanuskewin swore that it was actually pretty good.  The rest of us were in doubt.  So they cut some up in very thin slices and fried it up.  And, dang.  They were right.  It was as tasty as the bacon.  There were memosas, scrambled eggs and coffee too.  Everyone loved it.

Then it was time for Melissa to start packing and think about all the food we have aboard.  She sorted the canned goods which can stay aboard till we come back from things like potato chips that should either be eaten, or be given away because they won't be any good by the time we return.  Then she started making meals for Dave as he will be here a week longer than Melissa.  She made some mini-meatloafs that he can pop in the oven while he is working on getting the boat ready to be stored.

On a trip down the dock at one point, Joan and Melissa were attacked by a small dog.  It lept off a sailboat and chased us down the dock.  Fortunately, Melissa had a cordless drill in her hand as she was on her way over to Saltydog to install the new fridge gas strut.  So she turned on the drill and pointed it at the dog, who disliked the noise and ran back to its boat.  Melissa chased it back and gave the owner a bit of a chewing out about it not being ok to let their dog attack people on the dock.

Then Dave started working on the new Saltydog navigation system installation.  Well more accurately, he started tearing apart the existing system and cutting wires till the cockpit looked like it had been the victim of bandits who stole everything.  More to come on that...

Then for dinner, Melissa wanted to use up all the food in the fridge, so everyone came for Chili that Melissa taught Joan to make in Joan's shinny new pressure cooker. 

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