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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Mike climbs Saltydog

This morning the plan was to go up Saltydog's mast and replace their anchor light with LED, if we happen to have the right bulb on hand in Apsaras spares stock.  But we have to climb the mast first to figure out which type of LED it needs.  And Steve also wanted the WINDEX light bulb replaced as it is out as well.  The WINDEX being the thing on the top of the mast that indicates which way the wind is blowing.  Be nice if the light worked so they could see it at night.  Since Mike loves to climb masts, he volunteers.  He climbs the mast, only to find that the WINDEX never had a light.  No socket installed, and no wires.  A puzzle since there is a switch on the electrical panel labeled WINDEX.  Hmmm.  Oh well, they also have a cockpit mounted wind indicator, so the light is not really necessary.  We all agree that running a wire up the mast just isn't worth it.  But what the heck is the WINDEX panel switch actually turning on and off?

Meanwhile Mike finds that the anchor LED is not the one we have a spare of.  So Dave heads up to the small marine store here in the marina, leaving Mike at the top of the mast to enjoy the view.  Low and behold, the store has the right one! That little yellow block at the far right hand side is the new LED. And the weird tan spiky looking things are so that the birds won't sit atop the mast.


Having sent the camera up to Mike, he took some pictures from the top because the view is amazing.

And of course, the obligatory selfie.

This is Mike on the way down the mast checking all the rigging just to be sure he doesn't see any corrosion or anything. 

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