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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

My socks now live in the crock pot

Melissa spent the day cooking for the big Superbowl party.  Cowboy cookies took forever because she can only bake 8 at a time on her tiny little cookie sheet pan.  A couple of dips for the chicken wings.  The cheese balls, and a marinated bean salad.  Yesterday Melissa bought a new crock pot at the store.  We have a rule that nothing can come on the boat unless it has a home.  She really wanted the crock pot - particularly for the chili she is cooking for the big Superbowl game tomorrow.  So she racked her brain over where the crock pot could be stored.  The light dawned that the cupboard where her socks live has a tiny bit of room at the back.  Dave is happy about the crock pot too because anything we cook in it means we don't turn on the oven and heat up the boat.  And he says it is relatively efficient electricity wise - which is everything when we are at anchor.

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