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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Steaks for everyone

This morning it was time for haircuts.  Venus, the captain aboard Sea Renity (our buddy boat with Wanuskewin through the Panama Canal) also cuts hair.  So she came over with her scissors and gave us both haircuts on the dock.

After that we headed over to Saltydog where Dave helped Steve get the chart program Open CPN up and running on his laptop.  This is critical for navigating in the San Blas islands because the official charts are crap.  The only accurate reef charts are in the Bauhaus guide.  And someone somewhere had scanned the Bauhaus charts from the book and geo referenced them in the navigation system so you can actually use them.

Then Melissa and Joan worked on getting one of Saltydog's starboard side deck drains unclogged by running a bunch of water through it with a hose.

Melissa then found some steaks at the small shop here in the marina and cooked everyone a big steak dinner with scalloped potatoes.  Yummers!  Even Vivi the dog was invited.  

And seemed content to snooze the night away on the carpet.

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