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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Who else can I email?

Melissa has spent the past two days emailing everyone she knows to let them know we are headed back to Seattle and are looking for work.  Not surprisingly, she has been overwhelmed with responses from folks who are happy to help.  Nothing firm yet, but nice to know there are so many people happy to help circulate our resumes.

Meanwhile, Dave was chatting with Venus from Sea Renity, and she was complaining that while the Bauhaus charts for this area (the only accurate charts) are great, she gets frustrated because the book the charts reside in chop the charts up into little sections making it hard to get a feel for where everything is located relative to one another.  Because some cruiser previously scanned the Bauhaus charts and geo-referenced them (associated them to their lat/long positions), we have the Bauhaus charts imported electronically into the Open CPN navigation system.  So Dave figured out how to output giant PDF files from the Open CPN navigation system which then netted us (and more importantly Venus) a chart that has all the little sub-charts all stitched together.

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