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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Frogman Mike

When we awoke this morning the sun was shining and the bay was beautiful.  As hoped, this anchorage turned out to be lovely and quiet.  Everyone felt lazy and so decided to spend another day here.  “Frogman” Mike came over and scraped a few barnacles off our boat.  We so need a full bottom cleaning!

At noon Dave said, “Hey – its noon.  Must be time to rebuild the carburetor on the 2.5HP motor”.  Sigh.  So he opens it up and everything looks fine.  So his theory that the reason for the most recent hydro lock being the fact that he closed the fuel tank vent and the pressure from when the sun hit and heated it forced the gas back through the engine is probably valid.  Wanuskewin gave us a holler on the radio and asked if we wanted to go to shore and find a restaurant for lunch.  We headed off and weren’t but a few feet from the boat before the engine died.  AHHHHHGGGG.  Ok, so this time when Dave cleaned it out, he also cleaned some gook out of the hoses.  So hopefully the needle valve got stuck again due to some residual gook from his latest cleanout.  And sure enough he was able to run the engine and now it seems like it’s working again.  We shall see.

The restaurant on the beach turned out to be a great place.  We hung out there for a while and agreed we should go for breakfast before we head out tomorrow on another overnighter.  When we got back to the dinghy’s the waves had kicked up – probably a squall somewhere.  But by early evening it was calm again, so we are hoping for a restful night.

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