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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Happy Birthday Dave

We got up early this morning and were underway by 6:30am.  We’ve got a fairly long day ahead of us, followed by an overnighter tomorrow so we wanted to get to the anchorage tonight at a reasonable hour to rest up.  And besides, it’s Dave’s Birthday and that deserves some kind of celebration at dinner!  The skies were clear when we departed and the islands here were pretty in the early morning dawn light.

Alas the swell was right on our beam with not enough wind to sail so it was a sloshy uncomfortable ride all day long.  Though the scenery is great.

The only good news was that we saw tons of whales.  Alas too far to get any really great pictures but fun to watch none the less.

Midday the waves shifted to be right on our nose.  But they were wind waves and we wondered what big squall up ahead had generated them.  But we never did see any real wind or rain.  At about 4pm we reached Guanico, where we had planned to anchor.  But the wind direction had caused steep 3 foot waves to be coming directly into the anchorage.  We set the anchor, but we kept turning beam to.  No one was going to get any sleep – which given that we plan to launch on an overnighter tomorrow is problematic.  So we headed down a bit further to Benao, which turned out to be placid and calm.

After we set the anchor, Melissa made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner to celebrate Dave’s Birthday!

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