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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Mr Moth goes for a ride

This morning we said goodbye to Bahia Honda and Dominic’s place on the beach...


As we were pulling out, we realized the biggest moth we’ve ever seen had landed on the cockpit cover and decided to go for a ride.  He was 5 inches across.  Later in the day it poured rain on us while underway, and we noticed he was missing.  We hoped he got off the boat before he was pelted to death by the huge raindrops.


While underway Dave had to swerve to avoid hitting two humpback whales.  Probably a mother and baby as the babies when they are young don’t yet know how to avoid boats.  We anchored at Isla Gobernadora while Wanuskewin decided to anchor a bit further up the river.  It was a quiet night.

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