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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The Humpbacks are Back!

We headed out this morning for Isla Contadora.  It was a nice day, and is typical there were plenty of dolphins out that came to play with the boat.


But it was the whales that stole the day.  And lest anyone think we chase these guys down... its clear they could care less about us boats and they go where they please!

We were able to snag mooring buoys at Isla Contadora. 


We headed into the restaurant for drinks.  The view of our boat was great.

The hotel restaurant didn't have the fastest service we’ve ever seen (took 30 minutes to get drinks and almost an hour to get dinner) but it’s not like we were in a hurry.  We saw the tiniest gecko ever while hanging out.

The surf here on the beach is a bit weird.  It’s a super steep beach so there is no surf till the last few feet.  Outbound Melissa didn’t even get wet as it was Dave’s turn to walk the dingy out through the surf and hop aboard.  The 2.5 HP motor actually started, though Wanuskewin hung out till they were sure we could make it back to Apsaras without having to row.


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