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Down Day

Everyone was pretty wore out from the Amazon trip and from traveling for two days.  So we decided today we needed a "down day" to sleep in, do laundry, catch up on email and blogging, etc.  So we didn't do much of anything interesting unless you consider dropping off the laundry three doors down from our B&B interesting.  Besides it is Sunday and most of the places in town are closed today anyhow.

Later in the afternoon a water truck came by and filled the B&B's tank, which as it happens sits right outside our room.  Unfortunately the driver got distracted - we think talking up the gal at the front desk - and overflowed the tank.  Which then sent water rushing into our room thereby flooding it.  The B&B staff was on it in a heart beat with mops sweeping the water out of the room.  But it was a fluke that none of our electronics - computers and cameras and so forth - were in the way of the flood.  Everything critical stayed high and dry.  Only some clothes and such were soaked.

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