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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Colorado Springs

Today we stopped at a couple of wineries along the way to Colorado Springs.  Nothing to write home about, but anything to get us out of the car along the way!

We stayed at a seriously funky place called the Stagecoach Motel - its an old drive-in hotel from the 1950's that has never been updated.  Its cheap - $49/night.  But in that way its sort of charming in a goofy sort of way.

For dinner we headed to an Ethiopian restaurant based on the Trip Advisor reviews.  They had turned off the lights, but it wasn't closing time.  Melissa poked her head in and they turned the lights back on and cooked for us.  And after us another group came in, so we didn't feel so bad.  The chef Maya is from Ethiopia and the food was delicious.  They eat everything with their hands by tearing off pieces of a soft flat bread called Injera made from Teff seeds.  Teff is more like a grass than a grain.  It was very unusual tasting but we all liked it.

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