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Play Ball!

Yesterday we drove to Bakersfield CA where Melissa's brother and his family live.  We hung out and had dinner.  Then today we got to go to the kids' baseball games.  There is nothing cuter than kids playing baseball.

This is Logan.  Note the intense look of concentration as he swings, and unfortunately, misses the ball.

Eventually he was walked by the pitcher.  Note the levitating bat in the background.

And now the levitating kid.

This is Carson defending third base.


He was ready to make an out - had someone actually managed to toss him a ball...  It was confusing as both teams were wearing red shirts making it nearly impossible to tell who was who during the game.

Now up to bat.

Carson jumps out of the way as the ball hits the dirt at his feet.  A fairly regular occurrence.

Then it was back home for a big family Sunday dinner. 

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