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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

The Windy City

This morning we headed out to take an architecture tour by river boat.  The views were stunning given the great weather today.  Melissa took a ton of pictures – and here are some of our favorites.  This is the Trump Tower which is a 5 star hotel and condo building.

This is Kingsbury Plaza.

Lake Point tower.  Its shaped like a clover leaf.

The glass building on the right is 333 West Wacker Drive.  Its cool because the glass reflects images of the other buildings around it as it follows the curve of the river.

This is the famous Willis Tower (tallest building in the Western Hemisphere – formerly known as the Sears Tower). Along side the 311 South Wacker building.

The one with the curvy looking balconies is the Aqua building.  The balconies were designed by computer so that in the summer time when the sun is high they protect the occupants from the sun, reducing air conditioning costs.

Meet Sue.

Sue is the most complete T-Rex skeleton ever found.  Isn’t she cool?  She’s at the Field Museum in Chicago.  We visited this afternoon.  We only had two hours, but wished we had all day just to go through the evolution exhibit that shows everything from troglodytes to Wooly Mammoth.


They also have an Ancient Egypt section.  But it wasn’t nearly as cool as the fossils.

Then we headed off to dinner with our friend Daniel who lives here in Chicago.  We are going to visit his company tomorrow.

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