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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Dave is now where? Czech Republic?!

Dave left Monday on a flight to Czech Republic (Melissa had to look up the spelling).  When they landed at the airport, one of the guys got a ticket for picking them up at the wrong place.  They had to pay an $8 fine on the spot. Wonder how much of that actually made it to the government coffers...

What is he doing there you might wonder?  Turns out that the old Soviet Union decreed that airplanes would be built there back in the old communist days.  Since the renewal of the small aircraft building industry, those clever Czech's decided to make use of the factories there and build light sport aircraft.  So Dave is there visiting his customers as part of his new job at Dynon Avionics.  He will be there for about a week.  Then onto Germany for a trade show.  As you can see from the picture below, he and the gang are hard at work.  Didn't know the airplane factory was near a winery...

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