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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Jobless and Homeless

We continue to interview for jobs... well, Melissa continues to interview for jobs.  Dave is hopeful he will see an offer here soon for a job he is super excited about.  So he is hanging out working on his airplane while Melissa continues to look for a job.  Interviews used to be intimidating. That whole feeling of being judged and all.  But these days we are much more philosophical about the whole thing.  If you show up for an interview, and just be yourself and you don't get the job - well that is probably for the best anyway because you probably wouldn't have fit in.  So interviews are way less stressful.  In fact, everything seems way less stressful.  In days past we would have been stressed about being jobless and homeless.  But all the moving around on the boat has put us in a mode where not having a place to call home seems completely normal.

Meanwhile, we have decided not to rent an apartment till we both land jobs as that will allow us to minimize our commutes.  So today we rented a small furnished place in Kirkland for a couple of weeks.  Great kitchen!

First thing Melissa did when we arrived was to go grocery shopping.  First stop was the fish market in downtown Kirkland for fresh live oysters for tequila lime oyster shooters.  And crab cakes.  And then a stop by the bakery for fresh bread.  And then the grocery store for, well, everything!  Melissa is a happy camper about being able to go to the store and buy fresh anything your heart desires!

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