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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Spike goes on a mission

Its hot here in Seattle.  Like really hot.  Yesterday the high was 84.  And we about died trying to go to sleep because our new apartment faces south and has big windows.  As I write this its currently 89.  And its only going to get worse:

So it was time to buy a portable air conditioner for the bedroom.  Alas there was not a single unit to be had anywhere in Seattle.  But Dave was itching to go fly Spike.  So a mission was concocted.  A flight to Walla Walla (on the East side of the Cascade mountain range) where the air conditioner at Home Depot had already been ordered by Melissa while Dave was in flight.  Walla Walla had units because, well, its typically hotter than blazes there in the summer, so they don't get the silly peak demands we do here in Seattle during the two weeks when summer shows up here.  Most people in Walla Walla already own the air conditioners they need.  When Dave arrived in Walla Walla it was 106.  

He hopped in a taxi to Home Depot, and then loaded R2D2 into the plane.

He had to take the seat cushions off to get it to fit in such a way that it didn't interfere with the stick.

Now that its home and installed, ahhhh..... we will sleep like babies tonight.



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