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We love desiccant

What is desiccant?  Its that packet of stuff you find inside packaging and pill bottles that says "do not eat".  Its designed to absorb water so that items in shipment don't get damaged by mold or moisture.  You can buy them in industrial sized packages designed to protect giant shipping containers.  We bought 32 of them for $58 and put one package in each box.  Best money we ever spent.  Why?  Because putting one in every box that contained books, clothes, silk plants, etc, protected EVERYTHING from ANY damage.  When we unpacked our clothing boxes, there was not any mold, and they still smelled fresh.  Only one box of clothes we had shipped home from Alaska without any desiccant in it had a small mold patch and needed to be washed.  Mind you these were boxes that had been stored for two years - the first year in a cold damp hanger, and then the second year in a storage locker.  The desiccant packs were completely full of water - having been fully used up.  But then that was their job.  Go desiccant!



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